Luminaria Night: 12/9

On the night of Saturday, December 9, 2017 our Historic District will join other neighborhoods in and around Bethlehem in the 20th annual Luminaria Night sponsored by New Bethany Ministries. Luminaria Night is a beautiful and enchanted evening when homes in the neighborhood line their sidewalks with luminary white bags holding votive candles in sand.

Luminaria Night was first organized in Bethlehem in 1998 by a small group of women from northeast Bethlehem. They sought a meaningful way to illuminate their neighborhood during the holiday season and to unite neighbors in helping people less fortunate. From that modest beginning 20 years ago, participation has increased to over 3,700 homes and the total raised last year exceeded $92,000.

The proceeds from the sale of the luminaries go to New Bethany Ministries of Bethlehem. With these monies they are creating opportunities for a secure future for the homeless, hungry, poor and mentally ill in our community. Each luminaria Kit contains 10 white bags, 10 votive candles and sand for the bags. The cost of the first kit is $10.00 and each additional kit is $5.00. Generally the bags are placed 3 feet apart along the sidewalk. Twenty-one of your neighbors, volunteering as block captains, will be dropping off invitations in early November to order kits.

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