About the New BHDA Website

BHDA Website FAQ

Why do we have a new website?
For the past eight years, the BHDA website was graciously hosted (at no cost to us) on a member’s personal server. While the price couldn’t have been better, updating the site was difficult in that it could only be done by one person. With the program used to build and maintain our new site, volunteers can update the site anytime and anywhere, allowing us to easily share time-sensitive information. Also, with so much happening in the neighborhood, our online storage and security needs are much greater. The old site had approximately 15 pages. The new site has approximately 75 pages/posts, and there’s a lot more to come.

Why does the new website end in .org instead of .com?
Typically, .com is used by for-profit organizations and .org is used by non-profit organizations. Since the BHDA is a registered non-profit, .org is appropriate.

The new website looks so different! Why?
We learned from our website survey (March 2016) that our members want easily accessible information about: our BHDA, neighborhood and town, city services, restoration/preservation, local events, ways to get connected, etc. and a private forum where we can share information with one another. We also needed a website that is budget-friendly and easy for our volunteers to update and maintain. Our new website was designed with these things in mind and in keeping with the BHDA’s mission of promoting the “historical ambiance and high quality-of-life of our special neighborhood…”

I would like to share news, an event, general information, etc. or write an article for the website. What should I do?
Wonderful! We are actively seeking content and writers for the website. Please contact the webmaster at admin@bhda.org for more information.

I would like to volunteer to help out with the website, but I don’t have any experience. What should I do?
First, thank you, thank you, thank you! We are in desperate need of volunteers for the website team. We will teach you everything that you need to know and can get you set up with free online classes and/or one-on-one instruction. For more information, please contact the webmaster at admin@bhda.org.

I’m having technical issues (trouble logging in, certain features aren’t working, etc.). Whom should I contact?
Please send an email to the webmaster at admin@bhda.org. Please be advised that right now, we only have one volunteer to address these issues. That person will respond to you as soon as possible.

We hope that you enjoy using the new BHDA website!

Please make sure that your browser has been updated to the most current version; otherwise, the site may not function well or display properly.


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