Alert: Bethlehem Water Discoloration


October 26, 2016 – UPDATE

Many City of Bethlehem water customers, particularly on the north and west sides of the City and Hanover and Bethlehem Townships, have been experiencing discolored or cloudy water intermittently over the past several days. We are taking this situation very seriously and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to investigate the problem and try to clear up the water system as quickly as possible. Your water may have a brownish color which is indicative of sediment in the system, or it may have a yellowish hue which is indicative of a seasonal change in water chemistry which can occur in the Fall. Neither condition is harmful to human health and safety.

Know that the water is safe for consumption. We monitor water chemistry in the distribution system every day and we continue to meet or exceed stringent PaDEP limits and guidelines on drinking water quality. There are no restrictions on water use and there are no boil water advisories at this time.

While the water is safe for consumption, we recommend that customers monitor their individual usage and, since the occurrence of discolored or cloudy water appears to be intermittent over the course of a day or several days, to use discretion when using water for routine chores such as washing clothes since the discolored water may stain clothing.

If you are experiencing discolored water we advise that you do not let your water run continuously. This will not clear up the water any faster and brings more sediment into your home’s plumbing system from the water main in the street. Rather, run your cold water faucets only for a few minutes at a time until it begins to clear up. Repeat this step every hour or so until the water runs clear. We recommend that you do not run your hot water while you are experiencing discolored water. This will only draw sediment into your hot water tank.

If the water does not clear up after one day or you have an emergency involving your water please contact Water Control at (610) 865-7077. Thank you for your continued patience in this matter.

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