Sidewalk Repair Resources

If you have a sidewalk problem, it most likely involves damage caused by trees. Here’s what you can expect when working with the city to repair the problem areas.

You (or your contractor) will need to obtain two permits: one for the concrete work and one for the tree work. The tree permit will likely trigger a visit by the city’s forester to assess the situation.

A few things we learned from our meetings with the city….sidewalk shaving and small fill-ins are not permitted. We see lots of these around the neighborhood but the city was clear it’s no longer ok. Also, the city was very clear they want to preserve our trees. There is definitely not a bias towards removing our old trees to replace them with smaller ones.

Once the damaged sidewalk sections have been removed, the city forester will want to look at the exposed root structure, and make recommendations for root pruning and shaving. The city forester will need to approve the tree work before the new concrete is poured.

Concrete Permit
The permit for concrete work can be found in Forms and Permits, under Public Works, Application for Engineering Permits.  Questions should be directed to the Engineering Department.

City Tree Permit and Related Resources
Contact info of City Forester, list of licensed city arborists, tree planting guidelines, approved trees, and links to permits
Public Works-Urban Forestry