Special Event: 5/28

Special community event sponsored by
The Bethlehem Historic district Association

You are invited to attend a special “Town Hall” meeting on:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
5:30 – 8:00
Bethlehem Public Library – 11 West Church Street
Laros Room, 2nd floor

RSVP to: Cheryl Dougan
Please join the BHDA Board of Directors at this event designed to identify and address issues of importance to our community, such as our social gatherings, innovative grant programs, walkability, safety, and maintaining the overall integrity of our historic district. We will also be discussing the development of the Village in Historic Bethlehem, an effort “to create and maintain a sustainable community whose members thrive in their own homes and lead vibrant, active, livable, meaningful lives, connected to resources and assets which facilitate and enhance our social, cultural, educational and healthy connections for living.”

See more information on the Village to Village national movement: www.vtvnetwork.org/
Our guest moderator for this event, David Hasbury, from Neighbours International, has over thirty years experience as an organizational and community development consultant, educator, and facilitator. He
utilizes “group graphics,” an innovative and interactive approach that dynamically captures the flow of ideas, concepts, and comments in a drawing done on large scale paper, thus creating a visual record of group discussion and the generation of ideas.

This is David’s second community gathering in Bethlehem, since facilitating a meeting to envision the possibilities of the Pedestrian Bridge. Doug Royston, director of that project, comments, “David did a really good job as a facilitator. I think we left our meeting not so much with a full set of answers but a set of quality questions. Those questions are the basis for the journey.”

WE NEED YOUR participation! This promises to be an enjoyable evening, spent sharing ideas with friends and neighbors, as together we create our vision for the future of our neighborhood.

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